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    RSS “One Improved Unit” at Everything-Voluntary.com – Skyler J. Collins

    • Las Copas de Amor y Los Lenguajes del Amor April 20, 2014
      Enviar correo. Escrito por Skyler J. Collins en Diciembre 2012 . Traducido por Julieta P. Collins, del original en Inglés, que se encuentra aquí. Obras publicadas de Julieta se puede encontrar aquí.Un concepto que mi esposa y yo fuimos introducidos hace aproximadamente 4 años no ha dejado de ser útil y difícil de alcanzar. Digo difícil de alcanzar, porque mu […]
    • Remaining Unconvinced April 14, 2014
      Send him mail. "One Improved Unit" is an original column appearing sporadically on Monday at Everything-Voluntary.com, by the founder and editor Skyler J. Collins. Archived columns can be found here. OIU-only RSS feed available here.In a January 2014 column titled "Down with Conviction!" I argued that if one is committed to the pursuit of […]

    RSS Unschooler.com

    • Why Aaron Mattered February 1, 2013
      Grown unschooler Lauren Wales writes about Aaron Swartz’s life and her own deeply personal struggle with controlled knowledge. […]
      Lauren Wales
    • Unschooling Burnout January 24, 2013
      Idzie Desmarais gets tired of the questions and the assumptions. […]
      Starrwyn Tonkin

    RSS singularity – Frank Maier

    • Letters to the dead: Jorene April 9, 2014
      On Sunday April 6, 2014 my beloved aunt Jorene (Adams) Maier had her appointment in Samarra. Well, technically, rather than involving a frightened rush to Samarra in the vain hope of avoiding such an event, it was an anticipated meeting in Selah, WA in the privacy and comfort of her own home, embraced by her family, especially her husband of more than sixty […]
      Cap'n Franko
    • Long Train Runnin' March 17, 2014
      LONG TRAIN RUNNING  INTROV1: Down around the corner half a mile from hereSee them long trains run and you watch them disappearWithout love where would you be nowWithout loveV2: Though I saw Miss Lucy down along the trackShe lost her home and her family and she won’t be coming backWithout love where would you be nowWithout loveV3: (hit the ones) Well the Illi […]
      Cap'n Franko


    • Holt: What Makes People Smart March 1, 2014
      We don’t have to make human beings smart. They are born smart. All we have to do is stop doing the things that made them stupid. -John Holt, from How Children Fail Related posts: Holt: Human Nature 2 Holt: Where Children Learn to Be Stupid Holt: Too Many Words […]
    • Paley: Reframing “Slow Learners” February 22, 2014
      {speaking of a child struggling in her class} [he] is not a slow learner. He is a cautious researcher. He takes each new idea and collects data on its application until he is satisfied that he knows every response and reaction it might receive in the outside world. He expects mistakes and wants them to [...] Related posts: Paley: How Children Teach Each Othe […]

    RSS Everything-Voluntary.com (Unschooling Posts)

    • How I Intend to Educate My Children April 6, 2014
      Editor's Pick. Written by Connor Boyack.Because I’ve written several books along with hundreds of articles, op-eds, and other material all dealing with politics, economics, history, and religion, people often assume that my educational background deals with these subjects.The truth is quite different—I strongly disliked, and performed poorly in, these t […]
    • A Lifetime of Living and Learning December 31, 2013
      Editor's Pick. Written by Pam Laricchia.Looking back over our years of unschooling, another big change I’ve seen is that my perspective as a parent has broadened beyond “childhood” to “life”. I no longer see childhood as focused on “learning everything you need to know to become an adult,” with my purpose being to “graduate” them into adulthood.I think […]



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